What It Takes to Buy or Sell a Cannabis Company


Martina Helped to Build Nevada's Marijuana Program

Martina understands and has respect for other specialized areas of law. She helped build Nevada's Medical Marijuana Program and got applicants approved  to work toward the inspection process.  She took Blossum Group through training, contruction modifications and a grueling inspection and training program.  Contact shareholder Andrew Hagopian to confirm that she is a pro at cannabis compliance and ethics beyond question.

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It Takes a Team To Buy Into or Sell Out of This Industry Martina Will Bring The Most Efficient and Effective Team To Your Project

Cannabis compliance with all local, municipal, state and federal law, rules, codes and regulations is step one.  A tax attorney, M&A specialist and forensic accountant are a phone call away and you will only get one bill.  I will not have multiple attorneys looking at the same piece of information. Efficient and effective client service.


Your needs Vary Depending on Where You Are Now, and Where You Want to Go

Nobody knows it all, so my first step will be to listen to you.  I will  want to know you and your team.  I will consider your 5 year plan before I charge you a dime.  The attorney-client relationship should always be a close one, but in cannabis it's personal.  Personal is what I do best. A law firm that says it is 'national' does not mean it has an attorney in every state, or that they cover every area of law. If they do not have a cannabis specialist, they cannot meet your needs.

About Us

The Foundation Could Not Be Stronger


Ms. Jaccarino started her career as an attorney in medical malpractice and in defense of large product manufacturers, including tobacco companies. Next, in 2014, Ms. Jaccarino contributed to Nevada's Medical Marijuana Program and the applications forfor Clear River (a/k/a U.S. Marijuana) and the construction and inspection process for Blossum Group, L

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With 16 Jury Trials for Large Companies and Millions at Stake


Ms. Jaccarino has continued to work with large insurers like AIG and Federated Insurance Group, as well as large companies such as Republic Services who she represented for several years through trials and cost efficient settlements. Martina has been a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum since 2001.

An Advocate for Regulations That Protect Cannabis Professionals


Martina Jaccarino was one of the first Cannabis insurance defense attorneys. She has  been able to specialize in this   area as a result of her exceptional legal service and rial experience, followed by deep involvement in the cannabis legal industry.   In 2014 Ms. Jaccarino contributed to Nevada's Medical Marijuana Program and represented the recipient of four of Nevada's legal marijuana licenses.  While continuing her litigation relationships, she represented licensees through the rigorous inspection process.  She continues to work with entities entering the market.

What We Are Doing Now


Settlement Advisor

 Martina  has completed 16 jury trials and is happy to step into the court- room. However, the vast majority of cases settle. What’s most important is that the client know the earliest opportunity for settlement and the appropriate amount. Too often, cases seem to drag on and on and the defense attorney seems to have an inability to resolve the litigation. Then,  after years of paperwork, a miraculous settlement is reached. Legal services are a personal service, no matter the size of the client. Corporate clients should be particularly confident that their attorney will settle cases that need to be settled because they traditionally have a long-term relationship with at least one of the partners in the firm. However, their confidence in settlement can only be comensurate with the number of people between themselves and the attorney on the ground.  Martina’s extensive  experience with corporate clients makes her very skilled at identifying cases that can be settled at an early opportunity and even more capable of getting the results the client needs. 

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Unbiased Martindale-Hubbel Review

I am proud to say that I have been Martindale Hubbel rated rated since I was 5 years out of law school. Rather than social media, I choose Martindale-Hubbel as your source to confirm that I have a 4.7-5 star rating in recent years, with 100% of clients confirming that they would work with me again.  After overcoming  a hip reconstruction and lower back fusion during those same  years it is good to know that my efficiency and talent with regard to legal analysis and courtroom abilities have earned the trust of clients and colleagues.

Here is what my clients have to say:


Client Reviews 

· 100% (3 recommendations) 

· 4.9/5.0 (3 reviews) 

· Silver Client Champion

· Communication


· Responsiveness


· Quality of Service


· Value for Money


· Recommended 5.0/5.0 Rated on 06/20/18 in Professional Liability. 

Martina is highly skilled in the area of cannibis and litigation. She is a high energy attorney that is extremely responsive and highly respected. 

· Recommended 5.0/5.0 Rated on 06/01/18 in Professional Liability. 

If you hire me for advice or representation, you will be certain that I act in your best interest at all times.

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Cannabis Partnerships Have Specific Issues

 A cannabis group traditionally has several people of very different backgrounds when the initial application is completed. This group normally lasts during the start up phase. However, once the company starts making money, the people thbuilt the company in exchange for small amounts of equity may start to see the relationship deteriorate. A knowledgeable consultant with trial and Cannabis experience may be able to prevent litigation. It is important to foresee a separation, or change in the entity in the future at the tim they undertake the application.

Cannabis Experience

Bringing Cannabis Into Mainstream Industry

Bringing cannabis companies and mainstream industry together is my specialty. I am one of the only attorneys in the country who has worked in the cannabis space after years in mainstream law and for an insurance company.  Let me help you build the bridge you need to get to the next level. E-mail me now to schedule a consult.


How Can We Help You . . .

Trial Counsel

Ms. Jaccarino can be hired as trial counsel.  This service has been requested by insurers and other large corporations frequently in recent years because many large, multi-jurisdictional law firms do not always staff experienced trial attorneys in every office. She can charge a flat fee to evaluate for settlement and assist in any state.

Due Diligence for M&A

Ms. Jaccarino will be your best source to evaluate an entity your group is considering purchasing.  She was the first cannabis attorney with a solid background in compliance with Federal regulations and is always watching for future federal regulations impacting cannabis.

Cannabis Applications

Ms. Jaccarino has in depth knowledge about Nevada and California applications.  She can assist you in determining the best way for you or your entity to enter the legal cannabis world.  She can also assist out-of-state investors locate and evaluate existing entities.

FDA Sponsorship

Many cannabis companies are investing in scientific approaches to product development.  However, for those who aspire to sell products in traditional commerce, FDA approval is the next step.  With a background in FDA regulation for pharmaceuticals, Ms. Jaccarino is the perfect liaison between your cannabis company and the FDA.

Local Counsel

If your law firm has a trial expert outside of Nevada, or a general litigation practice that requires occasional local appearances, we can fulfill that need as well.  We will charge $200.00 per hour, either through your firm or directly to the client.

My Blog

Most cannabis-centered attorneys are focused on state and municipal regulations, which is very important.  However, owners need to know that the Federal Government, through its various agencies has been regulating all aspects of the marijuana plant for many years. For more information, call me directly.

Ms. Jaccarino is a Frequent Speaker At Industry Events

Ms. Jaccarino's July 19, 2018 engagement will inform financial industry compliance and bankers how to properly engage the cannabis industry. Also attendees will learn how to place a value a cannabis company.  If you want to invest in cannabis, you cannot miss this event.  Ms. Jaccarino will be speaking at Cannabis World Expo about the way that the Treasury Department has tried to make banking compliance for cannabis more stream-lined by identifying a form for large cash transaction that notes that the company is a state licensed cannabis company.  Power Points below include presentations for the LVMMA and the Nevada State Bar from 2015 and LexVid in 2017.  In May 0f 2018 insurance industry leader CPCU Society had Ms. Jaccarino present about underwriting, rating and defending expected claims.  Insurance professionals can e-mail or call for Power Point and materials supporting insurance analysis at no charge.

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Our conference line permits several people to be on the call and we can discuss several different types of  issues. The best use of your time is to contact me in advance and let me know if you are an insurer or a cannabis company owner. For insurers, let me know if you need assistance with underwriting, a claim, or settlement strategy and I will be prepared to give you substantive assistance. This service is free, but do not be surprised if I ask for a donation to my favorite non-profit.


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