Frequently Asked Questions About The FDA

Why Can't the FDA 'Get' Cannabis?

The FDA has been studying cannabis for decades. In 2008, federal regulators worked in Colorado, watching the program progress.  The FDA approved CBD as potential medication. Martina can provide the legal service you need to submit your CBD and cannabis to the FDA.

Why Didn't They Say Something?

The FDA takes years to evaluate the effectiveness and stability of medications, vitamins, herbs and cosmetics.

What is Happening Next?

Their ten year plan to move toward enforcement started in 2008. Enforcement can include a recall and very expensive fines.  The FDA is tasked with checking stability and effectiveness of any medication.

Why Didn't They Include U.S. Products?

They sought input from the industry at home, and there has always been a path to approval.  U.S. companies and/or scientists have to approach them.

Has The FDA Given Warnings?

Yes.  There were more than a dozen letters sent to large CBD and Hemp producers in 2017.  Some of those companies may be  fighting the FDA right now. However, seeking approval is less expensive and less risky than fighting.

Is There Anything We Can Do To Access Pharmacies and Grocery Stores to Sell Our Products?

Yes.  Any product that falls into the category of medication can engage a sponsor to assist with getting their research together to apply for approval for U.S. sale.