Frequently Asked Questions


Is FDA Approval Expensive?

FDA Approval is not nearly as expensive as making deals with every local jurisdiction, in every state. Appropriate trials can be done with as few as 526 patients. If you have a science based production or grow facility, it will be less expensive and faster to the shelves.

Are the Treasury Department guidance helpful for Cannabis?

Yes. Depositing large amounts of cas has always resulted in a Suspicious Activity Report. Since 2014 there has been a special Marijuana-related SARS for state licensed companies. These will not trigger a n account to close unless there are two red flags.

Will supporting States’s Rights candidates be good for Cannabis?

No. States rights candidates are Republican and, regardless of what President Trump says, Congress writes laws. State representatives  would roll back Cannabis to 1970. Democratic candidates universally support legalization and have pushed government agencies to Make FDA approval possible.